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Whew! Been a long a busy year of babies and beautiful families since I last posted! Thank you to all of the amazing families that I’ve had a chance to work with this  year including la familia Morales, la familia Meza, la familia Salgado, the Malone family and the Hamidi family! To other families that I’ve done private classes for this year, shout out to you as well! Que Venga La Luz doula services are finally available again after a very full schedule during the past 9 months!!  In addition, I am also available to offer any of my post partum products including la pomáda curativa, los tés, las fajas, y los bajos (see products page for details!).

More fun news! Myself and another herbal educator are getting ready to put together a herbal prenatal series class at Artemesia and Rue in Denver sometime soon. Details to come!

Que les vayan bien a todos y muchas bendiciones <3

<![CDATA[Alternative Health Fair at the Mercury Cafe]]>Tue, 25 Nov 2014 23:18:52 GMThttp://www.quevengalaluz.com/qvll-blog/alternative-health-fair-at-the-mercury-cafe...was a huge success! Thanks to anyone that came out to support your local health care practitioners. QVLL had an awesome table set up and I met lots of amazing people from the community! We are going to try and make this a regular event every few months or so. I'll keep everyone updated for the next one!
En Communidad!
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Hope you are having a wonderful, warm summer. On the 25th of July, I will be leaving my job with MCPN as their Maternal/Child Health Educator. I have had many wonderful times with MCPN and have learned so much. I am excited to move forward!!

On August 4th, I will be starting a Perinatal Case Management position with Clinica Campesina in Thornton! I am very excited and blessed to continue my work in Maternal/Child Health AND to facilitate the Centering Pregnancy model of care within a clinic network! Woohoo! Because of these changes, my availability as a birth doula will be very much limited. HOWEVER, I am planning on expanding my affordable post-partum care services here in the Denver Metro area. Please keep an eye out on the Post Partum page for updates!

Con mucho cariño!
<![CDATA[Oración para Sanar Memorias Uterinas by Aluna, Sagrado Femenino]]>Wed, 11 Jun 2014 19:31:33 GMThttp://www.quevengalaluz.com/qvll-blog/oracion-para-sanar-memorias-uterinas-by-aluna-sagrado-femeninoCada noche antes de irte a dormir hónrate a ti misma y honra a tus ancestras, sintiendo infinito respeto hacia ellas por venir antes que tú a esta vida...

(Colocamos mano derecha en el corazón y mano i...zquierda en el útero)

Yo reconozco a la niña que hay en mi
Yo reconozco a la mujer que hay en mi
Yo reconozco a la mujer que es mi madre
Yo reconozco a la mujer que es mi abuela
Yo reconozco a todas las mujeres que habitan en mi

Yo pido perdón a la niña que hay en mi
Yo pido perdón a la mujer que hay en mi
Yo pido perdón a la mujer que es mi madre
Yo pido perdón a la mujer que es mi abuela
Yo pido perdón a todas las mujeres que habitan en mi

Yo perdono a la niña que hay en mi
Yo perdono a la mujer que hay en mi
 Yo perdono a la mujer que es mi madre
Yo perdono a la mujer que es mi   abuela
Yo perdono a todas las mujeres que habitan en mi
Yo agradezco a la niña que hay en mi
Yo agradezco a la mujer que hay en mi
Yo agradezco a la mujer que es mi madre
Yo agradezco a la mujer que es mi abuela
Yo agradezco a todas las mujeres que habitan en mi

Yo amo a la niña que hay en mi
Yo amo a la mujer que hay en mi
Yo amo a la mujer que es mi madre
Yo amo a la mujer que es mi abuela
Yo amo a todas las mujeres que habitan en mi

Yo honro a la niña que hay en mi
Yo honro a la mujer que hay en mi
Yo honro a la mujer que es mi madre
Yo honro a la mujer que es mi abuela
 Yo honro a todas las mujeres que habitan en mi
<![CDATA[ Tea Time with Sherry Payne and Birth Workers of Color in Denver]]>Mon, 19 May 2014 20:46:10 GMThttp://www.quevengalaluz.com/qvll-blog/-tea-time-with-sherry-payne-and-birth-workers-of-color-in-denverPicture
Yesterday, I had the huge privilege of being a part of a tea for workers of color hosted by the inspirational Sherry Payne of Kansas City, MO. Sherry is an RN, IBCLC who started her own collective/business in KC specifically designed to reduce the maternal/child health disparities that run rampant within her community. Since the beginning of her business two years ago, she's developed sister-doula training programs/curriculums,  childbirth classes, doula services, free clothing services, and now has her own store front in KC which stands on the dividing line between the racially segregated parts of the city. Her vision is inspirational and has been extremely successful within her community.

This was especially inspirational for me since it has been my dream to start a collective of birth workers aimed at serving the Latino community here in Denver and coming up with a program model similar to those I see our sisters in the African American community designing. It was truly inspiring and just goes to show that it can be done!

She ended our tea with a quote from Arthur Ashe: "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can". What a great mantra to have going forward with intention, love, and hope.

Con mucho cariño,

<![CDATA[Reclaiming Health In Native American and Latino Communities]]>Thu, 15 May 2014 18:20:10 GMThttp://www.quevengalaluz.com/qvll-blog/reclaiming-health-in-native-american-and-latino-communitiesPicture

This is a super interesting article put out on traditional indigenous diets how the degeneration of our food is making us sick, particularly in the Latino, Native American communities. Oppression and colonization has many long reaching affects, one of them being a shift away from healthy foods to poor quality foods that our bodies were not made to process. I really enjoyed the emphasis on corn in this article!

"Throughout time, when people would become sick, Native American healers would recommend that the patient " return to the arms of Mother Corn" in order to heal themselves.  Just as Hippocrates prescribed a simple diet of Barley porridge to the sick, so would native people consume a simple porridge, of atolli of corn to reverse illness."

Atole is the thick beverage we use in our post partum practice to promote healing to this day! Our grandmothers knew what they were talking about....Lets Return to Our Roots!

<![CDATA[Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Lecture]]>Mon, 12 May 2014 23:50:40 GMThttp://www.quevengalaluz.com/qvll-blog/cannabis-use-during-pregnancy-lecture
I am very excited to attend this lecture! Living in Denver, CO where recreational marijuana has recently been legalized, I have gotten a lot of questions from my pregnant mamas about marijuana use during pregnancy. This is very important and useful information for our Colorado community to know and I am looking forward to passing on the knowledge. Updates soon to follow!

Con mucho cariño, mis mamitas!

Elizabeth Diaz Ordaz
<![CDATA[Feliz Dia De Las Madres!- May 11th, 2014]]>Sun, 11 May 2014 22:26:31 GMThttp://www.quevengalaluz.com/qvll-blog/feliz-dia-de-las-madres-may-11th-2014Picture
Even though we celebrate Dia De Las Madres on May 10th in Mexico, I wanted to wish all of the new mommies that I've had the privilege to doula for this year a Happy Mothers Day!

Con Mucho Cariño,
Que Venga La Luz

Un saludo a todas las mamás, en especial a las mamás solteras. Felicidades y un abrazo a ti por su amor a todas horas.

Imagen: “Amor a Todas Horas”
Artista: Simón Silva

<![CDATA[May 08th, 2014]]>Thu, 08 May 2014 15:52:53 GMThttp://www.quevengalaluz.com/qvll-blog/may-08th-2014Picture
Where are the Professional Birth Workers of Color?
Please read this amazing article linked above.

As someone who identifies as Xicana, this article and others focusing on this topic is becoming increasingly important to me. Many of the services for pregnant women in our area tend to be geared towards wealthy, well-resourced, non-people of color. This excludes many women (including low-income white women) who are unable to access services that could lead to important changes in lifestyle, diet, and overall mentalities surrounding birth. I believe it is important to have accessible birth services readily available to all communities. It is equally as important to be able to have these services offered by persons from one's respective community who can understand the struggles and background of a mother going through pregnancy. I am excited to see more and more collectives like Ancient Song Doula Services  pop up in our communities and hope Que Venga La Luz can follow in their footsteps.

Con Mucho Cariño,
Elizabeth Diaz Ordaz